Thursday, 5 January 2017


Becoming a landlord is a very profitable profession, however it is very complicated and full of legal activities. There are so many laws created across the state and country to protect renters from bad landlords. As a landlord, it is very necessary to know the right rules and regulations and must follow them. A single mistake or misunderstanding can turn into a mess, when it’s going to legal proceedings. There are some common legal mistakes which are mostly done by landlords even their intentions are good:

Follow Outdated Leases or Agreement

As a landlord, you should be aware about the lease and rental agreement as what come into it or what should be written. To follow an outdated agreement is the method to follow the law, you should visit to your local law locality and cross check and their lease or agreement may be something new you can find or maybe it is different from your agreement or lease. In updated or new agreement, there are some new part added which is beneficial to renter and you still follow the old one, in this case landlord found guilty and should pay some penalties or fine as punishment. So don't use outdated agreement or lease, you should go with new or updated one, visit to near local law locality to prepare rental agreement or lease or you may also take help from property management companies.

Legal Questions During Screening

For landlord’s, screening is the best solution to find the perfect renters for homes for rent. Through screening process, landlord can avoid bad tenants who can't pay rent, damage property or break Rental agreement or lease by screening process. So the landlords can easily sort the good and bad tenants.
But as a landlord, you should also aware about the housing discrimination. You are not allowed to ask the wrong questions and some landlords don't know about what to ask in the screening process. As they ask from couple whether they are married or not, some ask from disable for their disabilities etc. these questions are come in the criteria of discrimination. If you reject any tenant, and they ask about the reason for rejection, then in return you have a perfect answer to their queries. You don't need to worry about asking the wrong questions while performing to tenant screening, you just need to only about genuine questions and you may make help from internet.

Fake Promises

As a landlord, if you make promises to renters related to repair, repaint job, parking space, etc. and you fail or don't deliver, then it became hard feelings from the tenant's side, which lead to a legal concern. So it is better to avoid fake promises that you can't do, if there. Is any issue you should repair or solve before renter move in or take an early action when a renter living in your rental homes.

Ignoring Eviction Laws

If the eviction process done by according to the law, then there will be a chance of 100% success, because when in any activity if there is an involvement of law then it will become 100% surety of success. But it can be complex procedure and need some time to become regular. As a landlord, you should know that you were given several chances to rend, to solve their issues. If landlords avoid eviction process through proper channel then it will be harmful for landlords.

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