Monday, 19 December 2016


There are so many landlords who make money from renting as part time, but there are also too many peoples who will give their full time to their renting business and want to expand it more. Every business has their positive and negative points, some people quit their renting business and more like them ready to move on and expand it.  If you want to be a prosperous landlord then there are some tips which may helpful in your renting business:

Right Knowledge:
It is very easy to become a landlord but it is difficult to maintain your positive status in renting business. Several renters  visits to see your rental property and discuss about others or may be of other city property, so in that you have the right knowledge to give them accurate answer and solve their queries in short You should be able to sort all the queries raise by tenants. If you have lack of knowledge then it is better to gain someknowledge by reading news, listening podcasts, etc. which will help you to raise your knowledge.

Better home:
Landlords are earning from their home rentals, and it is better to provide a good quality home to renter, because as a costumer, they want best item in low price. So it is good to provide a better place to live with affordable amount. It may not be necessary to provide all the amenities like apartments, small amenities can also attract the renters like cable tv, internet, etc, which is better for you. Appearance is also a good factor to attract tenants to do some little make over to your rental property, which is easy to maintain and low in cost.

Update with time:
In renting business you have to attend or reply lots of phone calls and mails, because you want to fill you vacant rental property. If you neglect one or more call or mails then you get some negative remarks and tenants will take less interest in your property. So it better to take call and reply mails on time to time. You may contact to Google, and sign up with them, it will provide you a voice mail address and hide your private number. In case when you missed a call then voice mail is activate you have receive you message without any disturbance. In your advertisement you can also mention your timings to contact.

Rent Collection:
For a single rental property, there is no issue to collect the rent but in case you have several tenants rental property then it could be headache in rent collection. It is very time consuming task to collect the rent form one rental property to another. To sort these type of issues you can give the specific time to renters to visit the tenants place for collection, you also ask for cheque, or use online method to get the rent.

Create Policies:
Every successful person create and follow their policies, same as a landlord, it is better to create some policies and should be stick on it. For example: if your renter will not able to pay their rent then you are going to ask them to pay it quarterly, that’s not the right way ask for their problem and give some time to pay the rent. May be they are suffering from the real pain so understand the problem. If you really to be more strict personality, then you should add about late charges on rent, it will make your renters to pay your rent on time.

Solve issues:
Whenever your rental homes fill by renters then it’s your responsibility to ask about the issues. If there is any issue raise by renter then try to resolve it as soon as possible. Sometime landlords cheat renters some appliance that need to replace they will repair it and use in routine, don’t do it. For a prosperous landlord try to be genuine and avoid these types of things.