Sunday, 26 February 2017


Getting a perfect rental property can be challenging, because a lot of work is to be done before choosing the right rental property, its feel like finding needle in bunches of grass. And your goal is to get a dream home in the perfect neighbourhood with reasonable monthly rent. If your dreams come true, then don't be in a rush to sign up any rental agreement or lease. Make sure that you get the complete information about rental property, it is a good idea to take visit on rental property several times in a day. Before signing on the dotted line, there is some information that you need to know.

Read the rental agreement and lease
As a renter, it is a good idea to read your rental agreement or lease agreement because these agreements all the terms and conditions, charges, late payment, etc. are mentioned, so don’t blindly sign on your rental agreement. It takes only few minutes only, or if there are any issues related to rental agreement you can ask your landlord or homeowner to clear your doubts. Or need to make any changes in your agreement ask to the landlord, don't go with verbally, ask to create a new rental agreement, there is no record of verbal conversation, so it is better to get it in written format and get a separate copy of your agreement.

Visit in different time
It's a good idea to take visit on different time in a day, for example homes for rent provided by landlords look gorgeous in the morning but become too dark at night, and silent in the day and noisy at evening, and several more issues may appear. If your rental property is just near to main road it becomes noisy by vehicles and horns, or too much away from the city can too silent or dark, but good to have in the middle of city or residential area. Try to get your rental property within or near to residential area, so it's become completely relaxed, secure and comfortable to you. And also ask the landlord about their rental property condition in different conditions of weather.

Changes on agreement
A renter can also make changes on the rental agreement, if you are not comfortable with any clause you can change it according to you need, it doesn't matter how it's small. If you need to repent, or get a piano, or putting a nail in the wall, anything you want to do, need to take permission from the landlord, to avoid these taking permission again and again you can specify in rental agreement. If you didn't take any permission or you just verbally tell your landlord and they forget, then your security deposit can be in risk. So it is good to make changes on the rental agreement in a specified manner, so you can save your security deposit by getting written permission in agreement.

Subletting option
Subletting means leaving the rental property without breaking a rental agreement, but another have to move in as a renter for remaining time with monthly rent. It is a great option for those renters who move out in middle or early before the expiration of the rental agreement or lease. May be you get transferred to another location, or dream home ready to move in, or get a new job in another location, in these subletting can be helpful both before leaving, you have to ensure that you get another person to move into rental property and the person has to pay their monthly rent and let know this to your landlord before the pass on the keys. If landlords are allowed for subletting pass the keys to another renter, otherwise penalties are heavier than eviction.

What’s included and be clear
Before signing lease or rental agreement ensure that what is included in the rent? Or what is apart from rent? Ask to the landlord that their home rentals come with basic needs or not, like gas and electricity are included in the rent, and know about the hidden cost of garbage pickup, parking, monthly pet fees, internet, etc., clear your all doubts because these things can cross your monthly budgets. You may also get help from neighbours and previous renter's as they will clearly tell you what they spend.

Above tips might be helpful for renters before signing lease and rental agreement. So don't be in a rush to sign on the agreement, it will not take a whole day to read rental agreement or lease, it just takes few minutes. And you will avoid lots of tension while the move, out in rental property.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


At present most of the renters start their search for rental property in a digital manner. Whether it is web, social media or any part of digital things. In other words, renters are getting online to hunt Rental Property. There are some of the most commonly used search tools, and some tips and ideas too, which will help you to find renters next Rental Property effortless as possible.

As renters, when we are going to start the search process for the desired location, we must aware about the neighborhood, about property and owner or property Management Company. There are also some other information which is important for renters like closest coffee shops, stores, restaurants, etc. It also depends on whether you are a student or family. Along with this information, you have to know about the ways of commute, that's how much your office or university is close from your rental property. With the help of the internet, the process of hunting rental property becomes too much easier. A lot of landlords use the internet for advertising their homes for rent or other rental property.

There are some helpful tips and ideas for using the internet to help to find all the information that you need to take move:

We all know about the Google, bing, or other search engines, as you easily search any information to get started for home rentals or any other rental property. As Rental property website like CIRCLAPP have a huge database of Rental Property or if you know about the desired location, you may use basic search engine and get a lot of information about the desired location.

Social Media
Today we are well known about the social media and we may use it in our daily life and it's familiar too. Landlords and property Management Company also use social media to advertise their rental property. By accessing social media you may search reviews about the rental property or the property Management Company.

Video Marketing
Many landlords and property management companies are using video marketing to advertise their rental property. As we know videos are the effective marketing tool. You may get the necessary information while watching the rental property video and virtual tour on the web. They are very easy to use because these are created considering the renter's point of view. They generally find on several search engines easily, especially when they are hosted by YouTube because YouTube is a high ranking website.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Brighten Your Rental Property

As we know that, winters always come with holidays and celebration, but after the New Year celebration, it's become boring, dark and begins the countdown to spring. During this season tenants will search for new rental property or maybe they will move to new Rental property. Now, as landlord, you have a chance to make over your rental property with more bright and fresh look, to attract more tenants.

There are some ways which surely help you to make your rental property more brighten and happier place for renters are given below as:

Plants & Greenery
Greenery and plants will create freshness into your rental property. As we know that plants give oxygen and carbon dioxide, this will provide you better health with all day fresh air. If you don't give water all the time or you have very busy schedule you may buy some artificial plants that doesn't need water but gives you a greener look which is very close to the natural look. Both tenants and landlords will use this green effect of their personal space. Not the last, bamboo is also a good idea, it is a wonderful idea with low maintenance.

Mirror Illusion
Mirrors comes with the property of reflection, which can be used in homes for rent to get attraction from tenants. By placing mirrors you give a brighter look to your rental property, and in addition, feel your space larger. It's become more beneficial when you place the mirror at places where natural light can easily enter. If you are tenanted and suffer from the issue of low space you can implement this idea and give a different look to your rental space.

Let Nature Comes In
During winter season, we close all windows, blinds, doors, etc.. To lighten all the lights and trap ourselves inside of our home. If possible don't do it, if the sun still shine outside so open up the blinds, windows and let the sun rays enter into your space. Because nothing is brighter than sunlight, but ensure that windows will remain closed otherwise cold air will also enter into the room.

Use Positive Colour
For landlords, if you are going to use a dark theme for your Rental Property, then think twice, as it is not beneficial for tenants, may be tenants reject your rental property because of using dark colours. So always try to use light or bright colors which gives you a positive effect, by using light colours your rental space will look brighter with positive energy. For tenants, if your furniture become old and you are thinking to repair or purchase new one, then better to go with lighter colours as it will easily go through with any colour.

Clean Up
You may not like to hear of this, but cleaning your rental space will also make it brighter. If you want to give a brighter look to your rental space, you have to get rid off from clutters by yourself, you have to keep your rental space within an organised manner so that each and everything looks clean and clear. If it is one of resolution, then it is better to start from your rental space or home rentals, because nothing starts from tomorrow, so it is good to start from today.

For both tenants and landlords, by using above steps, you can make your rental property more brighter and happier place to live, because winter season are enough long to make your space dark. So get up and be ready to welcome the spring season.

How To Choose the Roommate

You are ready to share your new space with your roommate. We all know that nobody is perfect but you can find the perfect roommate at any place. Deciding to live with the perfect partner is an important discussion as it is a tedious task to research the perfect room partner. So, you should be careful and know about very well about your room partner before making a commitment. Read the following things:
Ask through your Circle of friends:

If you have a list of good friends and confident and suit a good match for you in terms in fashion, lifestyle and financial stability, go ahead and ask your friends  that they have any friend who are looking for the room or PG. word of mouth is the great research tool.

Search the roommate Online Ads:
There are plenty of options to find anything through internet like Craiglist, and other powerful rental apartment websites and explore the other resources to get the perfect roommate. At the time of searching the roommate, first, you can see the qualification, family background and working or not thereby you can get a brief idea about it but the whole scenario will be confirmed after face-to-face meeting.

Interview your Roommate to be face-to-face:
It is the important task for the whole process. Grab a cup of coffee and interview your room partner and put a question that you want to ask such as an employment status, drink or smoke, and likes and habits.

Share your views to your roommate:
It is important to be honest with a potential roommate and share your views or expectations also in front of your roommate and vice-versa. Do not hesitate to tell anything like if you are smoker, then tell freely to your becoming roommate, so that she must be aware of those habits.

Give a rough idea about expenses:
Give a brief detail about your monthly expenses, both individual and shared. It is important to share an estimate before the beginning of your partnership.

Ask before signing the agreement:
It is really important to sign the agreement both you and your partner must be agree and happy to live together. It is a good idea to write down everything you have discussed.

Friday, 20 January 2017


As we know that moving to other Rental Property is very difficult and hectic task and it becomes more hectic when you have to move with kids and pets. Because while you're moving you have take care of all things like package, boxes, item that are going to be used, etc. But with kids and pets you have take care of all those item which is also going to be used by pets and kids, and they become easily tired while you are moving to the new Rental Property, so there are some tips which may be helpful while moving with kids and pets.

Talk About It

A kid doesn’t know much more about moving, according to them this is a big move. During the entire Moving process, they will become upset and tired. It's better to involve them in this task instead to avoid them. Give them small tasks according to their capabilities, and appreciate their work. Don't let them feel bored otherwise they disturb you again and again.

Moving Day Tasks

Now the time's come to move, you can keep busy your kids by giving small tasks to complete. Like you can ask them to check and visit to all rooms to ensure that nothing is left or take care of the dog to make a little walk with them. If your children are younger than ensure that you have to arrange a babysitter for them.

Care of furs

We know that Moving is stressful to use, but it is also becoming stressful to our beloved pets. Our pets get used in their homes and their surroundings and when it suddenly changed, it can be difficult to adjust for them. When we moved to new homes for rent, for our furry friends it becomes a strange pace to them, as they will not become comfortable. When you move into new home Rental it is better to keep them in a safe place or in a room and if possible keep their loved item on all the above which are easy to take out.

Before You Move

When moving day approach, you should make sure that you hired a babysitter, but preferred someone that your baby knows well and who can take him/her to their rental unit away from the chaos of yours.
Re-plan your route to your desired location, including emergency hospitals or clinics, just in case or may be your child or someone else needs any attention during your travels.
Be ready to make frequent stops, if you are traveling by car, it need time for breaks because maybe you are not able to drive continuously (for long drive). Or you can also look for those routes which have some parks and playgrounds for your kids.

What should need to take on your trip?

ü  Diapers, make sure you pack twice as many as you think you need
ü  Changing mat/towel
ü  Baby wipes
ü  Powder
ü  Bottles
ü  Baby Food/drinks/water
ü  Non-chokable snacks
ü  Clothing for changing weather
ü  Mild laundry soap in case you need to wash/rinse clothing
ü  Plastic bags to store dirty diapers/clothing
ü  Hat and sunscreen
ü  Stroller
ü  Toys, lots and lots of toys!
ü  First Aid Kit
ü  Sounds your baby loves
ü  Safety-approved car seat

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Thursday, 5 January 2017


Becoming a landlord is a very profitable profession, however it is very complicated and full of legal activities. There are so many laws created across the state and country to protect renters from bad landlords. As a landlord, it is very necessary to know the right rules and regulations and must follow them. A single mistake or misunderstanding can turn into a mess, when it’s going to legal proceedings. There are some common legal mistakes which are mostly done by landlords even their intentions are good:

Follow Outdated Leases or Agreement

As a landlord, you should be aware about the lease and rental agreement as what come into it or what should be written. To follow an outdated agreement is the method to follow the law, you should visit to your local law locality and cross check and their lease or agreement may be something new you can find or maybe it is different from your agreement or lease. In updated or new agreement, there are some new part added which is beneficial to renter and you still follow the old one, in this case landlord found guilty and should pay some penalties or fine as punishment. So don't use outdated agreement or lease, you should go with new or updated one, visit to near local law locality to prepare rental agreement or lease or you may also take help from property management companies.

Legal Questions During Screening

For landlord’s, screening is the best solution to find the perfect renters for homes for rent. Through screening process, landlord can avoid bad tenants who can't pay rent, damage property or break Rental agreement or lease by screening process. So the landlords can easily sort the good and bad tenants.
But as a landlord, you should also aware about the housing discrimination. You are not allowed to ask the wrong questions and some landlords don't know about what to ask in the screening process. As they ask from couple whether they are married or not, some ask from disable for their disabilities etc. these questions are come in the criteria of discrimination. If you reject any tenant, and they ask about the reason for rejection, then in return you have a perfect answer to their queries. You don't need to worry about asking the wrong questions while performing to tenant screening, you just need to only about genuine questions and you may make help from internet.

Fake Promises

As a landlord, if you make promises to renters related to repair, repaint job, parking space, etc. and you fail or don't deliver, then it became hard feelings from the tenant's side, which lead to a legal concern. So it is better to avoid fake promises that you can't do, if there. Is any issue you should repair or solve before renter move in or take an early action when a renter living in your rental homes.

Ignoring Eviction Laws

If the eviction process done by according to the law, then there will be a chance of 100% success, because when in any activity if there is an involvement of law then it will become 100% surety of success. But it can be complex procedure and need some time to become regular. As a landlord, you should know that you were given several chances to rend, to solve their issues. If landlords avoid eviction process through proper channel then it will be harmful for landlords.

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