Sunday, 26 February 2017


Getting a perfect rental property can be challenging, because a lot of work is to be done before choosing the right rental property, its feel like finding needle in bunches of grass. And your goal is to get a dream home in the perfect neighbourhood with reasonable monthly rent. If your dreams come true, then don't be in a rush to sign up any rental agreement or lease. Make sure that you get the complete information about rental property, it is a good idea to take visit on rental property several times in a day. Before signing on the dotted line, there is some information that you need to know.

Read the rental agreement and lease
As a renter, it is a good idea to read your rental agreement or lease agreement because these agreements all the terms and conditions, charges, late payment, etc. are mentioned, so don’t blindly sign on your rental agreement. It takes only few minutes only, or if there are any issues related to rental agreement you can ask your landlord or homeowner to clear your doubts. Or need to make any changes in your agreement ask to the landlord, don't go with verbally, ask to create a new rental agreement, there is no record of verbal conversation, so it is better to get it in written format and get a separate copy of your agreement.

Visit in different time
It's a good idea to take visit on different time in a day, for example homes for rent provided by landlords look gorgeous in the morning but become too dark at night, and silent in the day and noisy at evening, and several more issues may appear. If your rental property is just near to main road it becomes noisy by vehicles and horns, or too much away from the city can too silent or dark, but good to have in the middle of city or residential area. Try to get your rental property within or near to residential area, so it's become completely relaxed, secure and comfortable to you. And also ask the landlord about their rental property condition in different conditions of weather.

Changes on agreement
A renter can also make changes on the rental agreement, if you are not comfortable with any clause you can change it according to you need, it doesn't matter how it's small. If you need to repent, or get a piano, or putting a nail in the wall, anything you want to do, need to take permission from the landlord, to avoid these taking permission again and again you can specify in rental agreement. If you didn't take any permission or you just verbally tell your landlord and they forget, then your security deposit can be in risk. So it is good to make changes on the rental agreement in a specified manner, so you can save your security deposit by getting written permission in agreement.

Subletting option
Subletting means leaving the rental property without breaking a rental agreement, but another have to move in as a renter for remaining time with monthly rent. It is a great option for those renters who move out in middle or early before the expiration of the rental agreement or lease. May be you get transferred to another location, or dream home ready to move in, or get a new job in another location, in these subletting can be helpful both before leaving, you have to ensure that you get another person to move into rental property and the person has to pay their monthly rent and let know this to your landlord before the pass on the keys. If landlords are allowed for subletting pass the keys to another renter, otherwise penalties are heavier than eviction.

What’s included and be clear
Before signing lease or rental agreement ensure that what is included in the rent? Or what is apart from rent? Ask to the landlord that their home rentals come with basic needs or not, like gas and electricity are included in the rent, and know about the hidden cost of garbage pickup, parking, monthly pet fees, internet, etc., clear your all doubts because these things can cross your monthly budgets. You may also get help from neighbours and previous renter's as they will clearly tell you what they spend.

Above tips might be helpful for renters before signing lease and rental agreement. So don't be in a rush to sign on the agreement, it will not take a whole day to read rental agreement or lease, it just takes few minutes. And you will avoid lots of tension while the move, out in rental property.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


At present most of the renters start their search for rental property in a digital manner. Whether it is web, social media or any part of digital things. In other words, renters are getting online to hunt Rental Property. There are some of the most commonly used search tools, and some tips and ideas too, which will help you to find renters next Rental Property effortless as possible.

As renters, when we are going to start the search process for the desired location, we must aware about the neighborhood, about property and owner or property Management Company. There are also some other information which is important for renters like closest coffee shops, stores, restaurants, etc. It also depends on whether you are a student or family. Along with this information, you have to know about the ways of commute, that's how much your office or university is close from your rental property. With the help of the internet, the process of hunting rental property becomes too much easier. A lot of landlords use the internet for advertising their homes for rent or other rental property.

There are some helpful tips and ideas for using the internet to help to find all the information that you need to take move:

We all know about the Google, bing, or other search engines, as you easily search any information to get started for home rentals or any other rental property. As Rental property website like CIRCLAPP have a huge database of Rental Property or if you know about the desired location, you may use basic search engine and get a lot of information about the desired location.

Social Media
Today we are well known about the social media and we may use it in our daily life and it's familiar too. Landlords and property Management Company also use social media to advertise their rental property. By accessing social media you may search reviews about the rental property or the property Management Company.

Video Marketing
Many landlords and property management companies are using video marketing to advertise their rental property. As we know videos are the effective marketing tool. You may get the necessary information while watching the rental property video and virtual tour on the web. They are very easy to use because these are created considering the renter's point of view. They generally find on several search engines easily, especially when they are hosted by YouTube because YouTube is a high ranking website.