Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How To Choose the Roommate

You are ready to share your new space with your roommate. We all know that nobody is perfect but you can find the perfect roommate at any place. Deciding to live with the perfect partner is an important discussion as it is a tedious task to research the perfect room partner. So, you should be careful and know about very well about your room partner before making a commitment. Read the following things:
Ask through your Circle of friends:

If you have a list of good friends and confident and suit a good match for you in terms in fashion, lifestyle and financial stability, go ahead and ask your friends  that they have any friend who are looking for the room or PG. word of mouth is the great research tool.

Search the roommate Online Ads:
There are plenty of options to find anything through internet like Craiglist, roommates.com and other powerful rental apartment websites and explore the other resources to get the perfect roommate. At the time of searching the roommate, first, you can see the qualification, family background and working or not thereby you can get a brief idea about it but the whole scenario will be confirmed after face-to-face meeting.

Interview your Roommate to be face-to-face:
It is the important task for the whole process. Grab a cup of coffee and interview your room partner and put a question that you want to ask such as an employment status, drink or smoke, and likes and habits.

Share your views to your roommate:
It is important to be honest with a potential roommate and share your views or expectations also in front of your roommate and vice-versa. Do not hesitate to tell anything like if you are smoker, then tell freely to your becoming roommate, so that she must be aware of those habits.

Give a rough idea about expenses:
Give a brief detail about your monthly expenses, both individual and shared. It is important to share an estimate before the beginning of your partnership.

Ask before signing the agreement:
It is really important to sign the agreement both you and your partner must be agree and happy to live together. It is a good idea to write down everything you have discussed.

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