Friday, 4 November 2016


When your rental property looks like too old or become too dirty, then you should have to take steps to make it more clean and attractive. Any tenants or renters will not pay a good amount of rent for old and dirty rental property. If you want to increase some rent, then you have to make some decoration with cleaning. There are some ideas which will help you to make your rental property attractive and tidy:

it yours too

When you are going to clean, upgrade and renovate your rental property, then you should keep in mind that it is your home too and you are the owner. So it is your responsibility to make your home tidier with working equipment’s when renter takes a visit. When your renter vacant your rental property, then you should take responsibility to clean and maintain well, any damage should be repaired, repaint job, fixture of electrical fittings, etc. & also don’t try to make a temporary repair make a permanent solution. So it is better to treat your rental property as your own home, because any major damage to your rental property will cost to you not the renter.

Give right Vision

Whenever renters will take a visit to your rental property, you should show each and every part of your property and tell them about damages and repairs. Open all the blinds and show them the natural light, turn all light on, it is better if you bother or light color paint, it is better to place some extra light lamps. Because the more light will looks your space wider.

Repair & replace

When your renters vacate your rental property, it’s your turn to check the home for rent that any repair or any replacement is required or not? After a duration of months or years, some things need to repair or replace, because by passing of days and usage in daily routine will damage them, like doors, knobs, carpets, walls, ceiling, fans, etc. You can take help from professionals, to repair the damages , if repair is temporary then you should try to replace it, because sometime minor damage will lead to major damage. So don’t ignore the minor issues try to solve it before new tenant move in.

Kitchen or bathrooms

Nobody wants to cook in old types of kitchen, and washing themselves in the old and dirty bathroom. When renters take a visit to your rental property, they will surely ask and visit in these rooms. As a landlord you have to spend some cash on both kitchen and bathroom, if they look like 1970’s. You can visit to the nearest market and check about the latest accessories related to bathroom and kitchen. You may also take help from professionals, they will cost you, but they do their job with 100% perfection.

Cleaning & Fixing

Cleaning your home rental is a big mess when but it's become more difficult when fixing task is added within called fixing. There is a lot of dust with some bugs is taking place in your home for rent, you may take help or hire professionals like pest control they will work for you. Due to non-usage of item i.e. electrical or non-electrical, for a long time in duration of vacant of your rental property, these items will stop working or damage like leakages of gas line or water line, thermostat, electrical bulb or lights, taps, etc. so you should take care of these things. You can replace with some latest trends so that you have some reason to raise some rent.


We always forget about the best thing to add in our rental property to attract the tenants that are naturally in our property. You can add some flowers, artificial grass, etc. it’s up to you that what kind of thing you want to add in your rental property. While you are adding landscaping in your rental property you should know that these things should be low in budget and easy to clean. You may add trace garden or put some flowers in balcony. When you add gardening stuff your property will look neat and clean and more attractive than other properties. If you don’t want to add any these type of things then you should clean your rental property outside too, make when tenants take visit to your property, your rental property should look neat and clean from outside too same as inside.

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