Wednesday, 16 November 2016

5 Big Design Trends to Try Right Now

Every year home pattern changes but it’s never late to try something new. Update your decor ideas foryour homes and impress your friends and family members.  Here, some of the latest ideas that will help you to design your home.

Famous Colour of the Year
Iconic People come up with their colour of the year that will not only help in decorating the home but also helps in fashion and other design programs. For 2016, the famous colour is going green. Green gives peace and fresh breathes. People used fusion of the colours from kitchen to each room and brighten the home. Moreover, colour can be used anywhere even if you have a rental housing properties.

This year holds strong pattern of bundle of flower. You can decorate your room with the flowers like you can place under your pillows, sheets or duvet covers with big bright floral. You can place a scenery and frame of flowers on a wall to give a unique look to your room.

Blue & Blue
This year compliments to blue colour which gives you a feeling of living in sky or a paradise on earth. What's more, with regards to blue, think each shade- - from beautiful sky blue dishes showed in your kitchen, to darker naval force and white striped towels in your restroom.

Everything old is new again yet the uplifting news is blending and coordinating is absolutely alright. An upset old-trunk serving as an end table or great antique maps confined and held tight the dividers, not just serve as wonderful, on-pattern style pieces, yet include a ton of interest (and friendly exchanges) to the room.

Warm Metals

Hotter bronzes, gold and dark are supplanting smooth chrome and stainless steel with regards to lighting and cabinetry complements. What's more, in case you're truly hoping to make a major sprinkle, attempt some bronze sconces in the kitchen. You can place some designing metals on entering.

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