Tuesday, 18 October 2016


It is better to know your landlord/owner before singing or move to new rental property. Because you are going to submit payments, your personal documents, etc., which are very precious for you. Once you signed or moved to the rental property then you don’t have any choice to tolerate your landlord. So it is good to know your landlord/owner.

1.     Check records

Apart from searching for a new home for rent you should survey about the landlords related to rental property. When may search public records where lots of information may found about the landlord whether a landlord marked as red flags indicating bankruptcy, general liens on all assets, criminal records, and any lawsuits. And also property records will shows any liens placed specifically on the building, whether there is a foreclosure is in progress, and any other legal actions to the property.

2.     Complaints

When you are searching for new rental property you should also search that your new landlord is taking action on complaints or not. Search it by name of property, any past complaint or current renter experience will be posted.  If the landlord is property Management Company, it is better to consult with Business bureau or local chamber of commerce. You may also take help from the social media, may be you got the lots of review about the rental property.

3.     Talk with neighbours

Neighbours will help you more than others; they will become more helpful when you talk about the landlord. They may give the better solution if you are confusing about the landlord information. You should freely ask about the behaviour of landlord, taking action on complaints, etc. whatever you want to know, most of the time neighbour will also spread the wrong information. So it is better to speak more than two neighbour.

4.     Property appearance

You should inspect the property after the meeting with landlord, may landlords hide some truth from you. Because sometime damage need to replace and it became very expensive, so the landlord will try to save the money and get repair that thing. Like programmable thermostat which is expensive, paint peeling & scare on wall, its looks so ugly. So you should better to take visit after meeting the landlord, if there is any lie that landlord will say to you it will come out when you see the rental property.

5.     Interview

Now you know all about the landlord, take an interview with landlord. You should take a serious interview with landlord about issues to the rental property, previous renters, or any other issues. You must know the issues that you have to discuss with landlord & freely ask the questions. 

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